Sunday, June 3, 2018

HHSA preseason racing commenced today with a windy Course 1 in reverse.

File: 2018 HHSA.rcw
Class: 2018 All Races. PHRF (Time on distance)
6/3/18 1R: Wind Speed 18: Direction NE
Start Time: Sunday, June 03, 2018 13:05:00: Distance 6.4

Pos Boat Skipper PHRF Type Finish Elapsed Corrected Score Division
1 PENELOPE FLAM,MO 31 ALERION X 28 14:18:05 01:13:05 01:09:47 1 B
2 FULL CIRCLE GIBSON,GEOFF -92 HANZE 455 14:05:45 01:00:45 01:10:34 2 A
3 TANGO HALE,PHIL -105 J100 14:11:42 01:06:42 01:17:54 3 A
4 SCHEGGIA GOLLIN,TIM -112 Brenta 38 14:13:28 01:08:28 01:20:25 4 A

Speed as VMG of winning boat: 5.3 knots
Race Officer: Roger Becker

Created on 06/03/18 21:47:39 Scoring program: RaceSail (1.2.40)

Six starters raced today in the first preseason event of 2018.  Windy and Sunny was the report with near 20 MPH winds from the Northeast.  The course, 1R was chosen to give a windward leg towards 23a at East Chop.  Some reports of confusion at the start but that didn't seem to stop everyone from having a good time.  Geoff Gibson, an old time HHSA skipper has signed up with his new Hanse 445: "Full Circle", and beat everyone around the course.  The temporary starting HHSA handicap corrected his time to just behind Penelope.  

The Hugh Schwarz cup, presented in the past for a post season series, will, for 2018, include preseason and post season racing.  The races will require 3 contestants to be scored and as before, the racing will continue in the fall after the season as long as there is interest.  We are changing the scoring this year to better reflect the relative achievement of doing well in a large fleet of boats as opposed to doing well when only 3 boats are present.  Although each race report will continue reporting a score based on the low point system, actual tally will award each boat a score equal to the number of boats beat plus one and the winning will be the entrant with the highest score.  (For example, today Penelope scored a 6, Full Circle 5, Tango 4.  If only those three had started, Penelope would only have scored a 3, Full Circle 2 and Tango 1.) The five best scores will be counted for each contestant and highest scoring boat will be awarded the cup for 2018.  In case of a tie, the boat with the most first places will win it.  This is the same tie breaking system currently in use for the other HHSA series.

Watch for announcements via email from Mo Flam, the Commodore, about the next preseason race.  Today's results are attached. 

Yours,  Roger.

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